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Misc Projects 2015

Flash/AS3 WIP

Some random projects I work on in my free time. These aren't really meant to look nice, just works in progress that I'm trying to get functional. But they're here for anyone who is curious to take a look at.


A game I've been slowly developing ideas for, LAB (which is only a working title) is going to take place in an abandoned laboratory that the main player character wakes up in. My main inspiration for this is Teleglitch, I really liked the top down shooting in it, and want to make a game similar to that. Everything is subject to change though.


  • Some neat bullet physics that work most of the time.
  • Tool-tips.

Planned Features:

  • Large openish top-down game world.
  • Variety of weapons like in BlocZambies.
  • A story.
  • Blood and stuff
  • Fun



An idea I got after deciding that LAB would be top down, Tankthing is just a small top down tank game thing(awesome name right?), currently uses the bullet system from LAB, but I'm working on adding shells. Right now only the player tank is in, which moves and shoots. The current graphics are placeholders while I decide what I want to do with the game, customizable tanks and destuctable enviroment stuff are ideas. Still have to add enemies and other fun stuff, but I really want to make this into something neat.


  • Crappy Animations!
  • Cool math!
  • Enemies that shoot at you! And one that just kind of drives around.
  • Death!

Planned Features:

  • No Clue.



  • WASD/Arrows to Move.
  • Mouse 1 to Shoot.
  • Use Numberpad keys 8/4/6/2 to change tank body rotation.
  • T to create a bunch of random explosions! Personal Website Ver. II 2015

HTML5CSS3JavaScript Complete

The website you are on right now! Amazing! The second version of my website was built from the gound up to be more compact, no more 10 pages for programming, no more useless directory pages, just a title page, a page to show off projects, and a contact page. It also has more of a focus on my programming, individually listing out (important) projects with details, focusing less on my photography than the previous website. Version II is also my first go at custom JavaScript, the old site had JS, but I had no clue how it worked, what it did. That is no longer the case. I feel really great about how this website turned out, and I hope you like it too!


  • Nice list of my projects, with descriptions/downloads for each of them.
  • Uses a slightly modified version of Bootstrap to look simple and awesome.
  • Uses Colorbox, a jQuery plug-in for nice looking picture galleries.
  • Custom JavaScript that I understand!

WorldGen2015 Random Map Generator 2015

Flash/AS3 Prototype ImagesDownloads

A small project I started in early January while trying to code something to make randomly generated grass, instead I got a weird rainbow color generator. After making the generator output to grayscale, I started assigning colors to certain shades of grey, and thus WorldGen2015 was truely born. Even more tweaking led to adding a weather system, that can change a pixels 'biome' based on rainfall, the rainfall is also determined by how light/dark a tile on the heightmap is, makes things easier. After awhile I started working on adding towns, which can also be cities if the population is high enough, though this feature has been dropped as it was kind of dumb. Like DungeonGen this has a nice black back on the side with instructions and minor details, in earlier versions this had debug information. I managed to only use FlashPunk and ActionScript 3 functions to make this work, I tried looking for things to help, but there really aren't any AS3/FP map generators out there that I could find to look at really. I might release the source code for this, but I'd like to clean it up just a bit more, my programming is kind of messy at times, and there are a lot of stupid variable names, like sometimes I'll have an int defined as private static var butt:int = 45;. That's pretty stupid.

Update Information: With version IV of the program I've completely redone all the code that generates the map, instead of generating a bunch of tiles as before, it all genereates into one entity, which really cuts down on generation time, however you can no longer click on a tile to see its tile type or height, but that was a small thing anyways. Something new is the ability to generate different sized maps, before the generator was locked in at a scale of 8px, which for every pixel the map generated it would display 8 times bigger on the screen, however you can now go between 1px and 10px now, generating anything below a 3 gets a bit slow though. I also added the ability to save debug data and images(which uses as3CoreLib's PNGEncoder), there are also 720p and 1080p versions, for those interested. I don't think I'll be adding towns/cities again, they really just weren't the effort for what they were. In place of towns I've added rivers, they behave kind of strange at times, but overall they look pretty cool sometimes.


  • Generates pixel worlds.
  • Ability to save images and debug information.
  • Version IV has faster generation than previous versions.
  • There are also bunch of other different versions with incosistant titling available.

WorldGen2015 Prototype Map Thing 2015

Flash/AS3 Prototype BackDownloads

Current Version:

Version III:

WorldGen2015 Prototype Map Thing 2015

Flash/AS3 Prototype ImagesBack

Last Update: March 29th, 2015.

Links are currently broken as Dropbox has removed the Public folder

Current Version:

Note: Opening in browser will block the save function from working.

Version III:

Other/Older Versions:

DungeonGen Prototype Map Thing 2014

Flash/AS3 Prototype

My first try at procedural/random generation, this thing generates a starting room, and branches out into many more rooms, some of which have the chance of branching out into more rooms, etc. I made this late in 2014, I was just really bored at work one day when I started this, the graphics were drawn in MS Paint, and they all look like it.


  • Generates weird dungeons.
  • Bugs because I spent all of 3 days on this.
  • Not much else.

BlocZambies Proof of Concept 2014

Flash/AS3 Development Stopped Images

I started Bloc Zambies using the base code from my previous test project, GameTitle, and it sort of became a 2d Side Scrolling Shooter game, in it you control a Magenta Block, and you're supposed to kill the Green 'Zambie' Blocks. It has weapons and particle effects, and the Zombies can be randomized. I stopped developing it for two main reason, the first was after coding most of the core features I wanted in, the game started getting slower and slower due to me adding in a bunch of cool particle effects. One might say "Remove the particle effects!", but after spending so much time on them, I really felt that they are a part of the game, and without them it would just seem less interesting, so I opted not to remove them, and thus the game is doomed to run slow forever(or until I can more efficently render particles). The second reason was my lack of art skill, I tried my best to make things look nice, but I couldn't even draw a character(hence the Blocs), and when I tried to start drawing the world, it just didn't look right, I did try drawing nicer weapons, but even those suck as they vary in styles from one another. It remains here to show I can make games other than EMH, or at least that I can try to make games other than EMH. I might pick this back up again in the future once I'm better at coding a bit more, maybe even code it in something other than AS3 so it isn't so slow.


  • 7 Weapon Types.
  • Cool Looking Particle Effects.
  • Some odd form of Physics.

BlocZambies Proof of Concept 2014

Flash/AS3 Development Halted Back

GameTitle Untitled Space Game2014

Flash/AS3 Development Halted

The first thing I tried to code after making EMH, GameTitle was supposed to be my best game yet! But after a few weeks of working on it I kind of forgot about it, later I would come back to canabalize and improve the systems I made for it to make the base for what would be BlocZambies. This sort of semi-prototype is a reminder to myself that I can at least sort of achieve my dream of a 2D space RPG. The main ship would have been discovered by the player standed somewhere, and would be upgraded through gameplay and other stuff, at the time I didn't really know how to do that type of stuff, though I'm sure I could figure it out now. Hopefully one day I'll come back to this and bring it to it's full potential.


  • Cool Space Incomplete Ship
  • Wonky Basic Physics system.
  • Magical Teleport Doors.
  • Arrows to move. E/Up to interact with doors/ladders.

EatManyHats Flash Game 2013-Present

Flash/AS3 Complete Beta Available ImagesDownloads

EatManyHats, the first game I ever made, no ton my own of course, I used a lot of tutorials and even code I didn't understand to make it. But it worked, and there was nothing else exactly like it anywhere else. That's still probably true since it's a game where you play as a hat that eats other hats, not exactly a money making idea. I started coding this around the time I was really getting into Matt Smith's 11th Doctor, which is why the main hat is a Fez, and the main enemy is a Stetson, both hats the 11th Doctor wore in some episodes. The other hats were just kind of selected randomly. Most of the initial work on EMH was done in the first few months, though I still work on it in my free time when I have an idea for stuff. The art is horrible, and there are bugs that occur randomly sometimes I still havn't solved, but the game works most of the time as designed. Out of the three game projects I've started EMH is the only one I consider finished, even if I still add on to it.


  • 13 main Levels, a Tutorial level, and 3 Onslaught Mode levels.
  • Different Costumes and Achievements.
  • Sort of timed frenzy mode thing, Onslaught.

EatManyHats Flash Game 2013-Present

Flash/AS3 Complete Beta Available BackDownloads

EatManyHats Flash Game 2013-Present

Flash/AS3 Complete Beta Available ImagesBack

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